There is a debate from a long time that stories of Telugu films are not reflecting contemporary situations and issues related to society. Forget about the stories, our star heroes are not questioning even in a small scene about the political system and the sufferings of people.

In the recent times, Tamil heroes have impressed big time when it comes to standing by people’s side and questioning governments. Say it Vijay’s GST dialogues in Mersal or the corporate medical politics, and Simbu’s latest demonetisation song to Vishal publicly talking about piracy and politicians involved in it, the Kollywood guys are making their mark.

However, Telugu heroes are hardly seen making remarks on and offscreen against ruling political parties or talking about any scams. Most recently Venkatesh’s Ganesh took such potshots at the government, and that was a couple of decades back. Later we have seen only Tagore doing a bit, but still that doesn’t have any political punches.

So, why Telugu heroes are afraid to take a political stand and question governments in their films? From call money scam to Ayesha Meera murder case, Miyapur real-estate scams to special-status issues, there are many our heroes could voice an opinion. Are you listening to this guys?