Reaching out to the persons with whom you have proximity is the first idea during crisis times. That’s what even Mega brother Nagababu did when he lost a chunk on Orange, and his brothers Megastar and Powerstar helped him then. Both moral support and financial assistance are what many seek from their friends and family. Why this story now? Yes, there is a reason.

Last night when a popular lady producer tweeted to Pawan Kalyan, the whole of cinema fraternity first surprised and then they got shocked. Apparently, she made only one film with Pawan and then tried her hand with other small budgeted flicks, but they only led to more losses. Later she’s heard only taking care of her husband’s software company and other partnership ventures. She’s well known in political circles of mega camp, thanks to her Prajarajyam stint.

As the tweet has come directly asking, “Help Me Pawan Kalyan Garu,” many wondered what has gone wrong. Even if something has gone wrong, she would have reached Pawan more directly through an SMS, but an open tweet is what confusing all. Has she done just for fun? Or just to grab attention? Looking at her stature, definitely, this is not an attention-seeking act.