“Ragini MMS 2″ is one of those movies Bollywood sex-horror films that became a super hit despite being torn apart by critics. Guess the reason for its success, it had a breathtakingly sexy Sunny Leone doing steamy scenes in shower in topless avatar, and there a was lesbian kiss, and the film was stuffed with Sunny appearing in bikini all the time.

When Ekta Kapoor, the producer of the film, announced to continue ‘Ragini MMS” franchise with a new web-series named ‘Ragini MMS Returns’, it was expected to be sexy and scary. The makers have now started unveiling posters one by one, and we can’t help but call them as the Sexiest posters one can think of.

TV actress Karishma Sharma is showcased topless in the posters, which promise some eye-popping sleazy and sexy stuff from her. Bengali bombshell Riya Sen too is playing a key role in the film. Forget the scares, the web series promises to be one hell of a sexy ride.