An earthquake described by Mexico’s president as the nation’s strongest in a century has struck off the Southern coast. The quake, measured at 8.1, has killed at least six people, and more are feared to be dead. The tremors were reported to have felt just before midnight on Thursday local time, and lasted for a minute.

More than a dozen aftershocks ranging from 4-6 in magnitude have been recorded closer to the Mexican coast. Social media images show collapsed buildings. There are reports of people trapped under some leveled structures. The tremor is said to be the strongest to shake the country since 1985, when a Magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck the capital. The quake was so strong that it caused huge buildings to sway violently in Mexico city.

A tsunami warning has also been issued for Mexico, with 3m high waves possible. People are being evacuated fearing a deadly tsunami to come. Schools across 11 states have been shut down.

Mexico is currently also being threatened by Hurricane Katia on its eastern coast.