After Dera Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was recently sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in a historic verdict, all his deceits and crimes are coming out in open one by one.

According to a recent revelation, this Baba used to sell his own farm grown vegetables and fruits to his followers at exorbitant prices, to the tune of 100 times to market prices. He had his Dera camp spread over 700 acres where he cultivated fruits and vegetables.

Going by the shocking uncovering, a Papaya costs Rs 5,000, a single green chilly Rs 1,000, 5 grams of peas for Rs 1,000, 2 pieces of tomatoes for Rs 1,000 and this unbelievable price tag applies to most of the common fruits and vegetables we find in market at 1/100th price.

You may wonder why people bought from him if the prices were so high? how he managed to manipulate them? Well, when it comes to God and religion, people switch off their brains and start superstition and blind mode on. The Baba reportedly used the ‘God, religion, heaven, charity’ etc. stuff on his followers to allegedly swindle them in every possible way.

Reportedly, Baba’s followers used to buy the fruits and vegetables at sky high prices thinking blindly that they were blessed by the God!!