Even though ace director SS Rajamouli’s father and senior writer Vijayendra Prasad has won numerous accolades as a writer, and he is busy penning multiple scripts including one for Rajamouli’s next project, his penchant for direction in unceasing, despite setbacks, the recent being “Sri Valli”.

Prasad is reportedly planning to direct comedian-turned-hero Sunil in his next attempt. Sunil himself disclosed this news during a recent media interaction. He said he was quite excited about the idea narrated by the senior writer.

After delivering a spate of films, Sunil’s image took a severe beating. A few of his new projects got shelved in the nascent stages itself as an aftereffect of his flop streak. Actually, it was Rajamouli, who established Sunil as a hero with “Maryada Ramanna”. Can his father now resurrect Sunil’s career? Well, the senior writer himself is not a success story when it comes to direction.